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Why Business Administration?

Studying the programs of the Department of Business Administration at Asia University is advantageous, as:

• We are a fully accredited members of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business starting from February, 2017;

• We have highly qualified faculty in teaching and research and extensive research resources;

• We have logistic advantage – close to Central Taiwan Science Park and several other Industrial Zones;

• We are approved by Ministry of Education (MOE) to establish Ph.D. degree;

• We won the MOE award – “University Affairs Evaluation,” Private School Group (3) Championship;

• We won the MOE award – 2005 “University affairs evaluation,” Excellence in Six Realms (including social science, engineering, internationalization, extended education, discipline and administrative support.), Private School Group (3) Championship;

• We won the MOE award “University Teaching Excellence Project” (for the past several years continuously);
“I LOVE OUR SCHOOL Teaching Excellence Project” was created by our school with creative spirit and long-term planning. In this year, we gained the scholarship of teaching excellence from ministry of education award. The amount of award is up to 83 million; moreover, Asia University already has gained teaching excellence award for four years. We are the only one can be rivalry of historical university in newly university. We had gained four years ministry of education since 2006. The accumulated amount of award is as high as 254 million. The performance is really excellent.

• We won “Country Excellence Building Award” – Campus Classic Art;
We have continued to build Greek and Romanesque building and lotus pond. In addition, we plant flowers and trees and make our school colorful. We have Cherry in spring, Lotus in summer, Bauhinia (Hong Kong Cherry) in Fall and Rose in winter. Because of these reason, we become classic and artistic garden university. We gained “Country excellence building award” on May, 2009. The comments are as following: “Asia University rose in the era of rapid expansion of higher education in Taiwan. The vision of founder is not only followed the planning to build step by step and made planting and ecology into campus orderly, but also invited famous foreign architect Tadao Ando to build art gallery and expected to add new scenery in Taiwan’s construction industry.”

• We connect to world academic trend and accept professor from the top universities;
We employed national university professor and foreign visiting chair professors to teach the class. We have strong faculty from NTU, NTHU, NCTU, NCKU, NCHU and etc. In school, we have more than 93% assistant professor and more than 82% PhD.

• We select career planning and determine the direction of life; and
We implement freshman counseling to assist them to explore interest and understand the direction of future development. We have academic tutoring mechanism which can cultivate students’ autonomous learning and diligent habits. Moreover, we develop tutoring in life and career to help students to connect to career.

• We ensure employment of large enterprises.
Asia University has contracts with 151 enterprises, such as AUO, TSMC, the Wen Wan and etc. We provide our students opportunity to intern in enterprises and guarantee the employment after graduated from school.